The Sipping Seder
Maror Cocktail Chazeret Cocktail Charoset Cocktail Karpas Cocktail Z'roa Cocktail Beitzah Cocktail

The Sipping Seder re-imagines the traditional Passover meal as a list of cocktails.

“It’s as if they put Passover in a juicer and served it up straight.”

The seder asks us to retell the story of the exodus from Egypt as if we had been there in person. It’s hard to imagine enduring generations of slavery and a slew of plagues, only to flee our homes in the dead of night and run straight into the sea with the world’s fiercest army in hot pursuit. If we managed somehow to survive the experience, what would we do when at last we reached safety?

Perhaps we lack the fortitude of our ancestors, but we can easily imagine being ready for a good stiff drink. Maybe two. If that sounds reasonable, The Sipping Seder offers six options to wet your whistle before a long camping trip in the desert. (Sorry to ruin the ending.) Each is crafted from classic inspirations and a bit of modern mixology. Together they represent this enduring story as told through the items on the traditional Passover seder plate.

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Maror Cocktail Karpas Cocktail Karpas Cocktail Chazeret Cocktail Z'roa Cocktail Charoset Cocktail Beitzah Cocktail

The Sipping Seder Plate