The Sipping Seder
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Here’s a roundup of press coverage of The Sipping Seder. We thank these publications and journalists for their interest and support.
San Francisco Chronicle
We were thrilled to be featured on the front page of the Chronicle’s Food & Wine section in this profile by Wine Editor Jon Bonné – “Proust had madeleines. Rob Corwin and Danny Jacobs had charoset. Also, vodka.” Read More
SF Weekly
“Reinventing a cultural and religious feast like the Passover seder takes guts ― and a Boston shaker. If you thought your only options for Passover were cooking, takeout, or making a restaurant reservation, think again.” Read More
Wine Enthusiast
“For most, Passover, which begins at sundown today, is commemorated by imbibing wine—and lots of it. But this year, thanks to The Sipping Seder—a new Web site dedicated to creating non-traditional cocktails inspired by elements of a traditional Seder plate—many may mix it up with mixed drinks instead.” Read More
The Jewish Daily Forward
“…to meet the creators of this newest Passover culinary innovation is to quickly understand that kitsch, humor and pandering were the furthest things from the minds of Rob Corwin and Danny Jacobs, two serious cocktail enthusiasts.” Read More
The Village Voice
“…add some kick to your seder this year with Passover cocktails. A new website, The Sipping Seder, is making waves for its recipes for tipples created especially for the Chosen People…” Read More
Tablet Magazine
“Is all this a decadent fin de siècle indication that our religion has lost its moorings or a hopeful hint that our heritage lives on despite intermarriage, the failings of Jewish education, and the American drive toward acculturation?” Read More
The Bold Italic
“…sounds really amazing. Sipping Seder is a website devoted to expressing Passover dinner through cocktails.” Read More
J Weekly
“Rob Corwin and Danny Jacobs know all about the Passover spirit. Make that, spirits. The San Francisco couple admits to an obsession with cocktails, so much so they designed a ready-to-imbibe Pesach menu they call the Sipping Seder.” Read More
“Rob Corwin and Danny Jacobs’s Sipping Seder project looks like it will be showing up on a lot of tables this year, including Perbacco’s annual Italian Passover dinner Wednesday night.” Read More
Houston Press
“The end result is a rich red-colored drink melding port with bourbon and maraschino liquor. In the pictures, it looks divine.” Read More
Time Out New York
“Drinking four cups of wine is an ancient custom still observed at Passover seders, but Rob Corwin and Danny Jacobs—the precocious pishers behind—have other ideas.” Read More
“Yes, four glasses of wine are mandated at each Seder, but in between, why stick to Manischewitz (or even Baron Herzog) when you can knock back a beet-and-horseradish Maror cocktail instead?” Read More
“…an erudite guide to cocktails inspired by the items on the traditional seder plate. A “charoset,” served up with honey vodka, sweet vermouth and cinnamon? Le’chaim to that!” Read More
“Sure, they may have taken an irreverent spin to things, but they did put a lot of serious thought into the cocktail recipes that represent parts of the Seder, like maror, chazeret, and charoset.” Read More